Appreciation on Two Popular and Famous Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex is world-famous for hundreds of years, and its global oyster type waterproof design is the pioneer of the watch waterproof performance, and not to take even a drop of water is the description of the Rolex watches. here we are just to appreciate two famous and popular Swiss Rolex Watches as follows:

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona116506 watch
Exactly 50 years ago, that is, in 1963, the Rolex launched the Cosmograph Daytona wrist watch specially designed for racing driver which can calculate the speed. The watch recorded the brilliant achievements of racing track, and has achieved iconic status to become the world’s most famous and most respected timing wrist watch. In 2013, the Rolex further strengthened the cooperation with the car industry, and became the Global partner and appointed hour meter of the F1, and for the first time launched the Cosmograph Daytona watch made of the most noble metals – platinum. This new watch is equipped with unique ice blue surface and chestnut brown Cerachrom ceramic word bezel, which make the famous speed meter outer bezel of this wrist watch extremely attractive.

Rolex GMT-Master II116710BLNR watch
Cerachrom ceramic words bezel came out in 2005, which is developed and created by the Rolex brand and made of the Special ceramic materials which have applied for the patent, and it was also used for the innovative 904 l stainless steel oyster perpetual GMT-Master II which has breakthrough meaning. Rolex also successfully developed a two-color Cerachrom word circle. The 24 hours words circle of this new GMT-Master II is a half in blue, and a half is in black, respectively representing the time of the day and night. This kind of design is echoing the red and blue double color outer bezel of the first GMT-Master launched in 1955. The first GMT – Master watch is designed for airline pilots, so that they can read the time of two time zones.