Mass Expectation-Hublot Unico Movement

In 2004, the great legend, Jean-Claude Biver, began take over the Hublot and within 10 years, it brings Hublot into the line of top watches, and now every watches fans hope that Hublot can produce its own movement. in 2010, one year from the completion of its office building, Mr.Biver made an announce to the world that Hublot has developed its own movement: Unico column wheel movement come to exist. So now let’s take a look at this movement that cost 3 million Swiss Franc.

According to the statistics in the watch industry, 30 percent watches that directly go to the custom serve or repairing stores are the problem of hairspring. Facing such a problem, Hublot came up with a terrific solutions, just like Breguet navigation instruments that put all the escapement in a platform that can be dismantled, module it, so that it takes less time for customers to wait before they got their watch repaired. In addition to this platform, Hublot who has been addicted to new materials could not ignore the existence of silicon, so Hublot configures silicon escapement in the Unico movement. Silicon is an stable element, and its biggest advantages is that it can lubricates itself while the traditional lubricates would go bad under the exposure of air and ultraviolet. Looking from the official news, we could see that both pendulum oscillates at a frequency of 4 hz, and has great performance.

Unico movement is not only a base movement, it is the movement that has real chronometer on it. It chooses column wheels structure, even though this is not the latest technology, but it is considered the most firm structure, and through the sapphire mirror we could see how this beautiful movement works. So far, this movement is just be put into watches and its performance still remain to be seen.