Why do we say that the Christmas season should be the time of year when sexy adult party costumes dominate the adult party scene? Well, there are so many super exciting sexy Christmas party themes for adults including Santa’s Workshop, Sexy Santa, naughty school girls, Santa’s Army, naughty preschoolers and much more. No matter what party theme you choose or the kind of adult party dresses you choose to wear Adult Tortoise Onesie Pajamas Christmas will be a fun and relaxing time even if it is just your friends and family attending or a special event.

6 Mind Blowing Adult Party Costumes For Your Adult Party
Sexy Santa’s Workshop: The Sexy Santa’s Workshop party theme is a combination of sexy Halloween costumes, Santa’s Workshop attire, lace and Santa’s helper costumes. Santa’s Workshop costumes are perfect to wear on Christmas night especially if you have white stockings or tights and your skin is all exposed and bare. Wear Santa’s red and white striped outfit, white bunny pjs, red and white ribbons and stockings and you will look great in the eyes of everyone at the party. For accessories try to find or make your own Santa’s helper costume like an angel or even a fairy. You can also add glitter sticks to your angel wings, or you can put a bunch of sparkly ribbons on your fairy wings or even make your own wings out of dental floss.

Sexy Santa’s Army: This is the perfect party theme if you are an active individual who loves to travel and see the sights. Wear Santa’s Army pants, a white shirt and bow tie together with a vest and bow tie. Go for jeans or khakis instead of the Santa’s robe. You can also put on some black boots to complete the whole look. Wear a white flower pinned to your chest and a satin or silk flower in your hair. Add some fake or real white teeth and make yourself the dentist.

Christmas Caroling Party: Christmas is coming and it is time to celebrate and have fun at your friend’s party. So what better way to indulge than with Christmas Caroling Adult party Cosutmes. Dress up as Santa and have your guests gather around in groups of two to ten. Decorate the room with Christmas scenes like a fireplace, star, Christmas tree or even a lighted Christmas candle.

Santa’s Workshop: If you are a crafty Santa who enjoys making gifts for your friends and family, then you can play this role at your adult party. Take your kids, give them some construction paper and craft their own Santa suits. You can print the Santa’s Workshop Adult costume out from the website or buy a ready made one.

Ball Freeze Dance Party: This party is sure to be a huge hit among the adults because there is dancing involved! There are adult dance lessons available online, where you can learn the steps and choreography of the ballroom dance. Dress up as the enchantress Snow White and give out her famous red hat and pearl necklace before your guests arrive. Make sure that you are providing them with hot chocolate and drink in good quantities.